About Me

It’s the morning breeze that caresses your face.

It’s the Panda Man who walks the lakes at night with a sword.


Hi, I am a programmer.

I usually like to dive into technical forums HackerNews, Wooyun, InfoQ, etc., and also Honoured as SAE Certified Junior Indie Developer. I’ve mentioned vulnerabilities, tossed around network security in the early years on Wooyun.

Currently my technology stack is focusing on cloud platform development, basically Kubernetes stuffs. The main languages I used mostly are Python/Golang. What Python attracts me is it has simple syntax sugar and very easy to use, the most often criticized defect of Python, slow interpreter, is getting well After Python 3.6 async came along, it gradually improved. However, when dealing with CPU-bound tasks, Golang performs better, I found out.

Diving into CloudNative/Kubernetes/Service Mesh recently.

Also I have a strong passion for interaction design. I feel that an app is for people, and should be relevant to human habits and follow a high-quality human aesthetic.

Outside of forums, I’m one of the few teenagers on this planet 🪐 who speaks the language,  minions language. likes absurd yet logical things, and sees all windmills as dragons.

At the same time, I’m also a huge fan of Marvel, with unrealistic visions of all things superhero and love chasing their faces in the wind.

Why Blogging

I’m blogging to record my life, to have something to think about when I get older.

The second is to make a technical note of some of the holes I’ve stepped in, to prevent me from falling into them again in the future.

I hope this stuff I’m trying to figure out on my own will really help you, and I’ll be very happy to get some recognition this time!

Of course, the article is limited by time and my superficial understanding of some of the principles, inevitably there are errors, please correct me.

You can share in the comments, or contact me by  email or  Twitter.

I also blog there


  • Seen 2,000 movies before 30 years old.
  • Being a superhero for once.
  • Contact with aliens once. 👽
  • Been to Adele’s Live.
  • Been to Sicily.
  • See the aurora borealis once. 🌟